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Samar, formerly Western Samar, is a province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Its capital is Catbalogan City and covers the western portion of Samar island as well as several islands in the Samar Sea located to the west of the mainland. Catbalogan City and Calbayog City, two of the three cities of Samar Island, are located in the province of Samar. Bordering the province to the north is Northern Samar and to the east is Eastern Samar. Samar is connected to Leyte via the San Juanico Bridge, which spans the San Juanico Strait, the narrowest strait in the country. To the south of the province is the Leyte Gulf.

People and culture

The native language of the majority in Samar province is Samarnon-Waray-Waray (also known as Waraynon, Samarnon, or Samar-Leyte Visayan). However, in the island municipalities of Almagro and Santo Niño, Cebuano is the native tongue.


The center of kut-kut art. A technique combining ancient Oriental and European art process. Considered lost art and highly collectible art form. Very few known art pieces existed today. The technique was practiced between 1600 and 1800 A.D.
Kut-kut is an exotic Philippine art form based on early century techniques -- sgraffito, encaustic and layering. The merging of these ancient styles produces a unique artwork characterized by delicate swirling interwoven lines, multi-layered texture and an illusion of three-dimensional space.




Samar is subdivided into 24 municipalities and 2 cities.





The explorer Ruy López de Villalobos, first came to the island in 1543 and named it Las Islas Filipinas.
  • 1596 Many names (Samal, Ibabao, Tandaya) were given to Samar Island prior to the coming of the Spaniards in 1596. The name Samar was derived from the local dialect “samad,” meaning wound or cut, which aptly describes the rough physical features of the island that is rugged and deeply dissected by streams. During the early days of Spanish occupation, Samar was under the jurisdiction of Cebu.
  • 1735 In 1735, Samar and Leyte were united into one province with Carigara, Leyte as the capital town.
  • 1768 Again Samar became a separate province in 1768.
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